Saruei Real Face: How About a Face Reveal, Saruei?

The Saruei real face can be used in a number of ways. It can be a good way to make friends, and it can be a great way to attract the attention of a potential client. However, there are a few things to consider before using the Saruei real face in these ways. You want to be sure that you aren’t misrepresenting yourself to others.

Saruei Real Face and Name

Saruei Real Face is a French-born Twitch streamer. She has earned a huge following on the platform. Aside from her popularity, she  also famous for her artistic style. The Twitch channel has allowed her to earn a huge amount from different sources. Moreover, Saruei Real Face is known for her boundless energy.

Virtual Youtuber

The virtual YouTuber has been on the platform for a few years now. Saruei Real Face is also a talented illustrator. Since her debut, she has managed to gather more than 350k followers. But, she still keeps her face a secret. That is why many viewers are eagerly waiting for her to finally reveal it.

Few Details about Herself

While Saruei Real Face hasn’t revealed her real name, she has shared a few details about herself. However, there is still no information about her parents and siblings. In any case, you can expect to get more details about her family in the near future.

Independent Twitcher

Saruei Real Face is an independent twitcher who started streaming on the platform in April 2016. Before she became a Vtuber, she was an artist who drew anime characters during her streams.

Unique Style of Telling Stories

It has been said that Saruei real face has a unique style of telling stories through her artwork. Her work is not just merely a representation of a character; it also serves as a symbolic reference.

Apart From Art

Apart from art, she also enjoys reading and watching movies. She is a fan of Sherlock, Invincible, John Wick and Sin City. Another thing she enjoys is playing video games. Although she is not a huge fan of horror games, she is usually very nervous when playing them.

Saruei Real Face Re-Debuted

When Saruei Real Face re-debuted on the platform in August 2021, she already had a substantial following. By the end of the year, she had already gained over 250k followers.

Saruei Real Face Age

If you are a fan of Saruei Real Face, then you must be wondering about her real face. However, she has not revealed anything about her face yet. This is probably because she wants to keep it hidden from her viewers. It is rumored that she is planning to reveal her face soon.

French-Born Virtual Youtuber

For those who are not familiar with Saruei Real Face, she is a French-born virtual YouTuber, a streamer on Twitch, and an illustrator. She has over 60,384+ followers.

Saruei Has Been On Internet for Several Years

Saruei Real Face has been on the internet for several years, and started off on youtube and then moved on to Twitch. Her first stream drew 4,800 viewers. Eventually, she reached 5,000 subscribers in 30 days. After that, she moved on to other content.

Independent Streamer

Saruei Real Face is an independent streamer, which means she hasn’t been affiliated with any agency. Besides her streaming, she also likes to take pictures, read books, and listen to music.saruei real face

Storytelling Abilities

Although Saruei real Face is known for her storytelling abilities, she is still keeping her identity a mystery. Not only is she not showing her face on the internet, she hasn’t revealed much about her family or personal life.

However, her fans can’t wait to learn more about her. They are excited about the Saruei Face Reveal. Many influencers  known for hiding their faces until they hit their targets.

Most Popular Search Terms

The most popular search terms for Saruei Real Face are her age, salary, income, and Instagram. There is no information about her parents, siblings, or education. Saruei Real Face is one of the most popular VTubers on Twitch. Her channel is popular for her stories and artworks.

Aside from her story telling, she uses her artwork as a symbolic reference. In addition to that, she also does some animation. Whenever she streams, she will draw anime characters.


Saruei Real Face is a French virtual vlogger and Twitch streamer. She has a large fan base and has created a series of live streams focusing on her various talents and passions. Saruei Real Face has been online for many years. She is known for her graphic arts and storytelling. Her artwork is often used as a metaphor to give her stories a deeper meaning. In addition to her videos, she has also created a live stream featuring ASMR.

Hasn’t Revealed Her Face on Social Media

Although she hasn’t revealed her face on social media, she has been prodding people to reveal theirs. She’s even held an “official” art contest for maybe $500,000.

Saruei Real Face is a fan of video games. She likes playing horror games. Whenever she plays them, she’s easily scared. However, she has a sense of humor in them.

Twitter Account

Saruei Real Face has a Twitter account, which she uses to interact with her fans. She has over 30k followers. Also, she has a Patreon account that allows subscribers to support her. There are 40k members. The character has a discord server.

Saruei Real Face has been on Twitch for several years now. She started streaming art on the channel before becoming a Vtuber. Before her debut as a Vtuber, she used to create Lilypichu’s Live2D avatars.

Violation Warning By Twitch

When she was a vtuber, she was given a violation warning by Twitch. Twitch claimed that her image glorified sexual content. This led to hypocrisy from some fans. As a result, she was removed from the channel.

Despite her popularity, she has not revealed her face on her social media. Hopefully, she will come to her senses and show her face soon. It is one of the most anticipated things for her fans.

Career as a Vtuber

Saruei Real Face is a popular virtual YouTuber and VTuber. She has been popular for her storytelling, as well as her ability to use art as a symbolic reference. Her stories are mysterious, and her audience is fascinated by her enigmatic tales.

The VTuber Saruei Real Face has been able to earn a good sum of money from different income streams. One of her channels has more than 354k followers. Another channel has 192k subscribers. In addition to that, she has 500 Patrons.

Twitch Stream Is Also Extremely Popular

Saruei Real Face Twitch stream is also extremely popular. In the first two days after her debut, she has managed to garner more than a thousand followers.

Youtube Channel Has 55 Videos

Saruei Real Face YouTube channel has 55 videos. Despite her popularity on the internet, she has yet to share her face. This has left her fans frantic to figure out exactly what her face is made of.

Revealed Any Personal Information

She has not revealed any personal information, other than her name, age, and blood type. It is also unknown whether she has siblings. However, she does have an email address for business inquiries.

Twitter and Twitch Account

Apart from her Twitter and Twitch account, she also has a YouTube channel. Besides her stream, she has also created animated pictures to showcase her personality. These pictures reveal her reddish eyes.

Before becoming a VTuber, she has been an illustrator. She has designed Lilypichu’s Live2D avatars. As an illustrator, she is known for dressing up video game characters.saruei real face

Patreon Account

Saruei Real Face also has a Patreon account. She earns a few thousand dollars per month from this fund. But, unlike the other vtbuers who have their faces revealed, Saruei Real Face does not. VTubers are the most popular streamers on the internet, and have taken over the streaming industry. However, many have opted to hide their faces.

Income and Net Worth

Saruei Real Face is an incredibly popular artist, Twitch streamer, and vlogger. She is primarily a gamer but has an interest in art. As a result, her Twitch channel is a mix of games and art. And, in a recent twist, she has been given a three-day ban for posting a sexually suggestive illustration.

While she does not share her full identity online, she is known for her ability to tell a story through art. This artist is also famous for creating video game avatars. For instance, she drew Lilypichu’s Live2D avatar.

Most Popular Streamers on the Platform

In August 2021, Saruei Real Face re-debuted on Twitch. She had more than 300,000 followers at the time, making her one of the most popular streamers on the platform. However, her face was a mystery, and fans were shocked when she did not reveal it.

Although she does not reveal her face, she does share a little about her personal life. It turns out she was born in France. There is no other information on her family.

Internet for a Number of Years

Saruei Real Face has been on the internet for a number of years. But, she has only been on Twitch for a few years. Before she became a VTuber, she used to do a lot of art streams.

The only thing she hasn’t shared about her personal life is when she was born. Her real age is still unknowable, but her social media profiles state that she was born on April 18.

Vlogger for A Few Years

She has been a vlogger for a few years, and has more than 192k subscribers on her YouTube channel. Saruei Real Face earns a handsome amount through different income streams, such as Patreon, ads, and personal sponsorships.

Saruei Subscriptions and Sponsorships

At the end of 2021, Saruei Real Face had more than 5,000 subscribers, with about 250k of them on Twitch. And, she is a part of the Twitch Partner Program, which means she has access to paid subscriptions and sponsorships.

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