Joinpd | Joinpd for a Presentation Management System in 2022

Joinpd for a presentation management system that will allow you to share a presentation with students anonymously, then you should check out joined. It lets you create presentations on Google Drive and invite students to participate anonymously. This will help you keep track of their progress and see how they are progressing.

Joinpd is a Presentation Management System

joinpd.cpm is a presentation collaboration tool that lets multiple people work on a presentation in real-time. It has a web platform as well as a mobile app. It allows users to comment, draw, and collaborate with other people in real-time. There are also options for uploading whiteboards and sketch paper. Users can use their Microsoft accounts to access the system.

Collaboration Software

This collaboration software is available online for free, which makes it ideal for online education. join con also supports collaborative learning and community, so teachers can share their presentations with their students from anywhere. It also allows users to ask questions live during a presentation. If you’re a teacher, you’ll want to explore the free trial to see if the system is right for you.

Benefit from Joinpd

Teachers will benefit from joinpd.cpm easy-to-use interface and the ability to assign different access codes to students. They will be able to monitor student progress and determine what’s working and what’s not. Teachers can also lock student accounts to ensure that they are not editing other students’ answers without permission.

It Allows Teachers to Create Presentations on Google Drive

If you use Google Drive for your teaching, you can use a program called to create presentations for students. joinpd. com allows you to share presentations with students, as well as monitor their progress and limit the time each user can edit a presentation. You can also set up roles for students and teachers, and even specify a specific school or postcode to limit who can edit the presentation.

Create Engaging Presentations that Engage Students

Once you’ve created a presentation in Google Drive, you can easily add students to participate in the lesson. Students can access the presentation by entering the access code you provided them. You can also limit the number of responses students can make to the content. The app makes it easy for teachers to create engaging presentations that engage students.


Create an Account on joinpd.cpm

To get started, teachers should first create an account on joinpd.cpm. They will need to use an email address linked to their Google or Microsoft accounts. After that, teachers can download the joinpd.cpm browser extension, which will allow them to control student activity. Once the teacher has created a presentation, they can assign participants to different sessions and monitor their progress. The program also allows teachers to lock down their student accounts to prevent them from editing the presentation without permission.

Join Presentations Anonymously

joinpd com is a web tool that enables students and teachers to share presentations and collaborate on the same content. A teacher can make interactive presentations and assign students unique access codes, and monitor student responses to understand what’s working and what isn’t. They can also lock down student accounts, so students can’t make changes to the presentation without the teacher’s permission.

Interactive Questions Anonymously

To use joinpd.con, teachers simply log into their account through their Google or OneDrive account. After that, they will receive a PearDeck Code, which they can share with their students. They can then view the presentation slides and respond to interactive questions anonymously. PearDeck also allows teachers to communicate with students through tools like the chat feature and polls.

Students Access to Advanced Features

Pear Deck has a free plan, but a premium subscription gives students access to advanced features such as draggable responses and immersive readers. The paid version also includes timers and student-paced mode. PearDeck also allows teachers to set up a classroom website with multiple users, including students.

It Allows Teachers to Keep Track of Their Students’ Progress

JoinPD is a free tool for teachers that allows them to share presentations with students and track their progress. Teachers can also lock down their students’ accounts and monitor their answers. With this tool, teachers can be more efficient and effective in their teaching  . They can also share presentations with other educators. By using joinpd.cpm join, teachers can share presentations, keep track of student progress, and collaborate more easily with colleagues.



Different Students to Different Sessions

JoinPD is an online tool that allows teachers to create, share, and monitor presentations with students. Teachers can also assign different students to different sessions and give them access codes. The system also allows teachers to monitor student participation and allow students to submit questions. It also allows teachers to limit student participation and control the amount of editing time.

Download the Joinpd Extension

Teachers can sign up for free using Google or Microsoft email addresses. Once they’ve created an account, they can then download the JoinPD extension to their browser. From there, teachers can monitor their students’ progress and set limits for their participation. The extension is easy to use and allows teachers to assign different sessions to their students.

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