Review of Traliant – Online Workplace Compliance Training

If you’re looking for online workplace compliance training, Traliant is a great choice. With bite-sized episodes, realistic videos, and interactive knowledge checks, Traliant’s training program will be easy to use and administer. If you’re not sure what you need, you can also customize your course materials with a few simple clicks. Check out our review of Traliant . This online training service has many great benefits, including a simple sign-up process and a no-fuss guarantee.

Traliant is a rapidly growing provider of online workplace compliance training

With the help of cutting-edge technology, Traliant is revolutionizing workplace compliance training. By combining eLearning with interactive video scenarios, Traliant helps companies create inclusive workplaces. The company’s award-winning bite-sized training helps organizations customize their content, ensuring that employees leave the course having learned the latest information. Moreover, it is highly mobile-friendly and is supported by a highly advanced eLearning platform.

Traliant Company’s videos Emphasize

The company’s videos emphasize the responsibilities of workers, while avoiding legal jargon and other jargon. Employees can watch the videos multiple times, which is very convenient for busy professionals. Since the videos highly engaging, employees feel satisfied as they tick off each lesson. Plus, the short sessions barely interfere with their daily routines. While most of the online workplace compliance training courses are lengthy, the videos are designed to last only a few minutes.

The company also offers workplace diversity and sexual harassment eLearning courses. The latter is specifically designed for front-line managers who play a vital role in fostering an inclusive workplace. In addition, Traliant’s training teaches managers how to handle requests for reasonable accommodations and other types of workplace diversity. This enables frontline managers to develop a more inclusive culture and increase the company’s overall productivity.

Traliant Offers Online Workplace Compliance

While Traliant offers online workplace compliance training in a variety of formats, it is especially notable that the company offers multiple state and industry versions. It also meets the requirements of multiple states’ sexual harassment training laws. Traliant’s online compliance training is highly customizable and interactive. Traliant has received funding from investors including Martinson Ventures. It was founded by Mike Pallatta, the former global head of compliance learning at Thomson Reuters, and Andrew Rawson, a former executive at the company.

Besides offering modern workplace compliance training, Traliant also offers several language versions and separate courses for managers and employees. Traliant’s online compliance training courses include topics on unconscious bias, workplace diversity, inclusion, and sensitivity. Moreover, learners can access the courses from any location, day or night. Traliant’s mobile-optimized course allows them to continue their learning on the go, which makes it a convenient option for both managers and employees.

It Offers Interactive knowledge Checks

For modern, mobile employees, the best training options are engaging and interactive knowledge checks. With Traliant, you can deliver training courses that are fresh and relevant, and customize the content to reflect your brand and policies. Interactive knowledge checks will reinforce learning and improve retention. Plus, because of the content’s behavioral-based approach, you can ensure that people are understanding the material at hand. In addition, users will appreciate the opportunity to take the quiz multiple times.

It is Easy to Administer


The video training provided by Traliant is bite-sized and highly entertaining . Besides emphasizing worker responsibilities, it also avoids getting into the legal terminology. The videos are visible and the training videos are short enough for multiple sessions. They barely interrupt busy employees’ schedules. Despite the fact that the videos are short, they make a big impact on your employees’ learning. Whether they watch one session or ten, employees will be impressed.

Traliant Is a Good Fit For Your Corporate Needs

The e-learning courses offered by Traliant are a good fit for a variety of corporate needs, from workplace compliance training to sexual harassment awareness. They feature customizable text and videos, and allow for interactive sessions to tailored to the specific needs of your company. The company’s extensive database of more than 3M companies gives you access to comprehensive data and profiles of individual companies. You can use this information to customize the courses for your employees, managers, and HR professionals.

Traliant is a rapidly growing provider of online workplace compliance training

For employers who want to keep their workforce safe and compliant, Traliant is an excellent option. Their online training programs are available in a wide variety of languages and contain separate versions for managers and employees. Designed with the needs of frontline managers in mind, they offer training on topics such as unconscious bias, workplace diversity, and inclusion. You can also choose to create a Code of Conduct with training modules tailored to the needs of your specific organization.

Founded in 2016, Traliant serves more than 5,000 organizations across the world. From small and mid-sized companies to large enterprises, Traliant’s online compliance training empowers employees to create an inclusive workplace by providing customized, interactive content. Founded by two industry veterans with years of experience in workplace compliance training, Traliant’s award-winning eLearning platform makes it easy to create custom courses and easily customize them for individual organisations.

It offers versions of Harassment Prevention training that are compliant with state mandates

Online Training: There are several sources for harassment prevention training. The Department of Fair Employment and Housing has several free courses on its website that address sexual harassment and other workplace abuse. The course content also meets the state mandates for California employers. These resources can be useful for educating employees and managers about harassment prevention in the workplace. However, not all online courses are compliant with state mandates.

The Department of Employment and Housing (DFEH) of California requires employers to provide employees with training on harassment and discrimination. The training must provided to employees in California and must be conducted by experts in the field. In addition, it must provided to new employees three months after they start working at the company. Finally, the Department of Employment and Housing requires employers to post a copy of the policy on their company website and include contact information for the state human rights commission and local advocacy groups.

It offers interactive quizzes

Two platforms offer interactive quizzes to reinforce learning. Traliant and EasyLlama are examples. Both platforms offer quizzes with instant feedback and grading. These features help cement learning in employees’ minds. Platforms without these features quickly lose trainees’ interest. Instead, they use interactive videos, animations, and quizzes to reinforce learning. And they’re much more fun. Regardless of the platform, Traliant offers interactive quizzes to keep your employees engaged.

It offers a manager’s course

Whether you are a new manager or a seasoned professional, it is important to receive quality training. Having a baseline of management skills can increase your confidence and make you a better advisor. Manager’s courses teach people how to effectively balance work and other commitments, set goals, and more. Managers who have successfully completed a management course will have increased confidence when leading teams. There are also many other benefits of taking a course.

The CMI is another training organisation that offers a range of management and leadership courses. There are three different levels of training: certificate and award. The diploma course focuses on core management skills and is aimed at middle managers. The course teaches management skills that are useful in any role. It also covers key principles of leadership and teamwork, as well as people management and organisational responsibilities. It prepares you for the next step, whether that is a career change or a promotion within your company.

It integrates with SSO providers

To connect to your SSO provider, you must configure your application’s SSO configuration. First, create a new application. Choose the Non-Gallery option and configure the Base Stack to support SSO. After this, deploy the application and make sure it works. Next, configure SSO-related options, such as SSO Gateway and Metadata XML. To set up your SSO-compatible configuration, follow the directions in the SSO documentation.

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