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Peersway Review

Peersway is a platform for influencers who post photos on social media, such as Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. The site helps these social media users to engage with their followers through creative photos. For now, Peersway focuses on Instagram influencers, but plans to expand to other channels in the future. The service is available in several languages, and its client list is diverse. Some of its features include influencer marketing, transparency, scalability, and AI predictions.

Peersway Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing on is a great way to find and work with the most influential people in your target audience. Peersway offers a free service for creating campaigns, which includes a dedicated campaign manager and influencer compensation. It also lets you choose from various subscription levels, including free, paid, and Custom Bundles. It has a database of over 100,000 influencers, and its search engine lets you drill down into each of them by interests, brand affinities, or lookalikes.

Miami is a hub for content creators and influencers from all over the world. This influx of content creators is crucial for brands looking to expand their presence on social media and forge new relationships with consumers. Peersway is one of the leading influencer marketing companies in Miami, offering a wide variety of services to help brands market and promote their products and services. The platform allows brands to create targeted campaigns and get the best ROI possible.

Peersway Variety of Talent Agencies


Peersway has partnered with a variety of talent agencies, which can help you find and work with influencers. The most popular influencers are celebrities, but there are other options as well. Local food bloggers, yoga instructors, and community gym owners are all great candidates. You just need to find one who consistently posts on social media and has a large community. Nano accounts, on the other hand, tend to create high-quality posts and have a large following.

Unlike traditional advertising, influencers on Peersway target smaller micro and nano-influencers in their target audience. While celebrities have millions of followers, they only engage with a tiny fraction of their audience. Peersway focuses on Instagram influencers, with plans to expand to YouTube influencers in the future. This is an excellent method to reach a diverse audience, and it has already helped several brands find their ideal customers.

AI Predictions

Excel gum partnered with Peersway to launch its soft gum campaign. Through their campaign, they engaged 85 nano-influencers, reaching an audience of over 570,000 people and saving over 25 percent in influencer marketing costs. Using the Peersway platform, brands can form influencer strategies based on AI predictions and target everyday influencers. These everyday influencers are not celebrities, but friends, family, colleagues, and even co-workers. The use of influencers is one of the most effective ways to raise brand awareness. Peersway’s Social Intelligence platform will provide brands with predictive insight that will allow them to form influencer strategies based on AI predictions.


The new model that Peersway has developed removes the need for brands to negotiate individual contracts with influencers. All campaigns are managed through Peersway, which publishes an application to attract qualified influencers. Because the entire process is handled by Peersway, brands are able to get the most bang for their buck. Because Peersway covers influencer compensation and Peersway’s fees, they can achieve better return on their marketing dollars. Peersway is able to do this because its cost-per-engagement is significantly lower than that of other influencer marketing services. As a result, brands can expect to spend approximately 40 percent less on influencer marketing than other competitors.

Transparency is a key element of the Peersway model. Unlike many influencer marketing services, it does not require subscriptions or contracts. The site also has no setup fee. In addition, each plan includes a dedicated campaign manager, monthly reports and influencer compensation. Plans do not include product giveaways or content review. While this does not sound like much, it’s better than nothing. While Peersway is not as transparent as other influencer marketing services, it does offer an excellent level of transparency.


Aside from the free service, offers fully managed campaigns focused on building brand awareness and creating buzz through peer-to-peer recommendations. The company has worked with global brands and medium enterprises but offers its services at fixed prices to smaller companies. Peersway partners include Mint Smilebar, The Mentholatum Company, Stingray, Cove Kombucha, and naturSource.

When a company tries to expand, its scalability is an important consideration. Scalability refers to the ability of a company to handle the additional business while still maintaining profitability. In other words, scalability refers to how well a company can handle an increase in its number of users, while keeping expenses low. While scalability is closely related to economics, it doesn’t need to be complicated.

Impact on Sales

Peersway is an influencer marketing agency that offers the use of its network of thousands of nano-influencers for branded campaigns. Its innovative services allow brands to work with a minimal number of influencers and work as many as they would like to promote their brand. Peersway’s platform allows brands to review content, track campaign progress, and generate performance reports. The company has partnered with brands such as Mint Smilebar, The Mentholatum Company, Stingray, Cove Kombucha, and Mint Smilebar.

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