Ramco Concentrix Is One of the Leading Companies

With a focus on human resources management and cloud-based solutions, Ramco Concentrix is one of the leading companies thatspecializing in Time & Attendance tracking applications. These solutions are available in a variety of platforms that can be integrated into a business’s current processes. The software offers a host of features such as facial recognition technology, mobile hubs for the enterprise, and Cloud-based software in Ramco Concentrix.

Ramco Concentrix Time & Attendance Tracking Applications

Ramco Concentrix offers a range of innovative time & attendance tracking applications. These  designed to help businesses streamline their HR process and increase productivity. Using these applications, companies can better handle legal issues, boost employee performance, and simplify the overall attendance process in Ramco Concentrix.

Ramco Concentrix Flagship Products

One of Ramco Concentrix flagship products is Ramco Concentrix HCM. This unified workforce management system can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud. Designed for medium to large enterprises, the software supports integration with most business applications.

Features for Expense Management

It also includes features for expense management and asset management. Ramco Concentrix has 24 offices around the world. The company’s focus  on innovation and culture.

Another one of Ramco Concentrix flagship products products is Ramco ERP. This cloud-based enterprise software is designed to be customizable to fit your company’s needs. It covers finance, accounting, and human resources.

Innovative Technology

Ramco Concentrix flagship products time & attendance tracking apps  used by companies of all sizes, from small to medium-sized businesses to multinationals. They are ideal for organizations that want to adopt a digital HR strategy. With Ramco Concentrix flagship products innovative technology, companies can easily manage their global employees.

Time Doctor

Time Doctor is a powerful employee attendance tracking application. Ramco Concentrix face detection feature provides high accuracy and supports automatic reminders. It also generates reports revealing absences. Users can control the times the tracker runs, making it easier to detect absenteeism.


Axonator is another app that is suitable for the field workforce. It’s a touchless, location-based application that eliminates the need for manual attendance marking. As an added benefit, it can be integrated with third-party systems. Moreover, its geofencing capability ensures that employees can check in at the right location, minimizing human error.Ramco Concentrix

Several Other Ramco Concentrix ERP

There is several other Ramco Concentrix ERP on Cloud Software applications that are worth checking out. These include BambooHR, InOut, and Zoho People. Each of these products offers a free trial period and a monthly price that’s flexible enough to meet your budget.

Regardless of Your Organization’s Size

Regardless of your organization’s size, time & attendance tracking  essential to many HR activities in ramco concentrix. Whether it’s monitoring your employees’ productivity, managing time off, or addressing any legal issues, it’s important to keep up-to-date with your employee’s attendance.

Facial Recognition Technology

The Ramco Concentrix name is synonymous with payroll and travel management. However, the company recently unveiled a new facial recognition based time and attendance system. Aside from a solid time and attendance record, the Ramco Concentrix solution also boasts a bevy of other modern day conveniences aimed at enhancing the lives of its employees. This includes one global payroll platform, GPS + NFC based attendance and a variety of innovative technology enabled time and attendance tracking applications.

Many of Its Customers

In a recent survey, the company found that many of its customers are still on the lookout for an effective and efficient way to track and monitor their staff. To help remedy this, the company has introduced SecureCX, a cloud based solution geared towards the customer experience BPO industry. For those of you that aren’t familiar with the company, it is a subsidiary of Synnex Corporation. Its flagship product, Ramco Concentrix Global Payroll solution, is used by many of the world’s biggest and best companies to manage their employee’s finances. From payroll to expense management, the company offers a single integrated solution to meet the needs of its large global workforce.

High Level of Security

The most interesting thing about the new solution is that it has a high level of security, making it an ideal partner for any organization’s digital DNA. In addition to its state of the art facial recognition capabilities, the system boasts advanced digital tools for remote employee monitoring. Using this system, employees are able to view their own attendance record and access to their personal information with ease in ramco concentrix.

Cloud-Based Software

Ramco Concentrix is a company that offers a bevy of products and services ranging from HR software to asset management. The company’s flagship product is the Ramco Concentrix Enterprise Series, a comprehensive software suite for the enterprise. Several of its echelons of the business are in the financial services industry. For example, Standard Chartered selected Ramco Concentrix as its technology partner for its Payroll Transformation Program.

Company is headquartered in Chennai

The company is headquartered in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, and has offices in 28 countries worldwide. In fact, it is the largest Indian multinational enterprise software provider. Its products and services include ERP, Human Capital Management (HCM), and mobile software in Ramco Concentrix.Ramco Concentrix

Cloud-Based HCM Solution

While Ramco Concentrix is not the first to market with a cloud-based HCM solution, it is not the last. Its competitors include IBM and Microsoft. Aside from its HR software, the company also offers a suite of aviation MRO and logistics software. Having been around for more than three decades, it is no surprise that it has a devoted customer base.

Ramco Concentrix Enterprise Series

The company’s flagship product, the Ramco Concentrix Enterprise Series, is a bevy of software modules, each with its own set of features and benefits. From accounting and finance to human capital management and asset management, the software suite caters to the needs of the entire enterprise. As a result, it has won many awards for the best and most innovative solutions in its domain. This is a list whose occupants range from large enterprises to small startups.

Fast Growing Player in the Cloud Enterprise

Ramco Concentrix is a fast growing player in the cloud enterprise software space. However, its software offerings are not without their drawbacks. To make things worse, the company has not gotten all of its products to market on time. Nevertheless, its zeolite software enables its customers to leverage modern and innovative technologies to manage their workforce better. Despite the challenges, the company’s dedication to innovation is commendable.

Ramco Concentrix List Of Products

Ramco Concentrix list of products includes the aforementioned Ramco Concentrix Enterprise Series, as well as Hub It, a cloud-based mobile application for interacting with its core HR and financial modules. In addition, the company boasts a robust cloud backup service that ensures its clients’ data is safe and secure.

Mobile Hub for the Enterprise

Ramco Concentrix has a wide variety of GPS + NFC based attendance management systems that can be used to manage your employee’s time and attendance. They include the On Cloud, which is an enterprise solution that uses the company’s GPS capabilities to provide a location-aware experience to its users. The company has also developed facial recognition technology that helps to ensure that employees’ faces  properly recorded and tracked throughout the day. This technology is available for use in the Ramco Concentrix Mobile Hub.

Company’s Attendance Mapping System

With the help of the company’s attendance mapping system, you can easily track the number of hours that your employees have worked each day, and also track their schedules for ramco concentrix. You can even use the company’s password reset feature to recover forgotten passwords. Additionally, you can lock out accounts that  not authorized to use them, and also update expired passwords in ramco concentrix.

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