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Homelister Review – Sell Your House and Keep Your Equity

HomeLister mission is to simplify and automate the process of selling a home. They fix the administrative and paper-driven aspects of the real estate sale process, saving sellers on average $21K and 3.7% of the selling price. If you are considering selling your house, HomeLister can help you save money and get top dollar for your home.

Homelister’s Mission Is To Transform the Real Estate Industry

Founded in 2015, HomeLister is a digital brokerage and real estate site that offers home sellers more control over the sales process and helps sellers keep more of their home’s equity. With an automated platform, sellers can market their homes without the need for a realtor, resulting in a faster and more profitable sale. The startup claims to save sellers an average of $21,000 and decrease their days on market by more than 50%.

The company has already helped clients save over $17 million in commissions. HomeLister is now looking to expand its reach by introducing its service to new markets.

Success Rate

Homelister is a website that divides the selling process into three steps: selecting the marketing bundle, handling open house inquiries and analyzing bids, and finalizing the transaction by signing legal documents. Customers have been satisfied with the company’s service and find the virtual and in-person open house tours helpful. It also provides a range of optional services to help the process run smoothly.

Homelister A Very Convenient Choice

HomeLister allows you to save up to $21,000 by eliminating the need for a realtor and offers a wide range of listing options. This makes HomeLister a very convenient choice if you want to sell your home without wasting time, money, and equity. With a 6% commission, HomeLister sells homes for the same price as a traditional agent, and their client base has grown to over 3,750.

Flat Fee

HomeLister is a startup that specializes in helping people sell their homes for a flat fee. The company offers a variety of services that make selling a home easier and saves you money on real estate costs. The company’s services are mostly computerized, so you don’t need to hire a realtor or a real estate agent to sell your house. You can even save money by not having to handle the legal paperwork, which many realtors charge.

Platinum Package

HomeLister’s flat fee for selling your house is very low for a real estate brokerage and gives you more control over the entire process. You can also choose how much help you want HomeLister to provide when it comes to selling your house. They offer basic services, as well as a Platinum package that offers expert real estate advice.


Team of Real Estate Professionals

HomeLister’s premium services offer real estate professionals to guide you through the process of selling your home, including price consultations, strategizing, negotiating offers, and answering questions. As an online company, Homelister has the advantage of allowing you to customize the level of assistance you need. The company has successfully sold 3,750 houses in 17 states and has saved its customers $77.5 million in real estate costs. It plans to continue expanding to additional states throughout the next several years.

Basic Service

The company claims to be able to save sellers an average of $21,000 in commission. It also claims to have eliminated pushy realtors from the process and cut the average time a house spends on the real estate market from 16 days to nine days. It offers several options for listing a home, but its basic service is free of commission.

Plans to Expand

HomeLister is a new online selling platform that aims to eliminate the costs of sell-side real estate agents. The company recently raised a $10 million Series A round led by M13 and Homebrew. It claims to reduce the selling process by 30% and save sellers $21,000 on average. The service also reduces the number of days a home spends on the market. In addition, HomeLister’s software helps sellers get the best price for their homes.

Real Estate Agent Fees and Notarization

HomeLister is expanding to new states, allowing homeowners to list their property without the help of a realtor. Its strategy allows homeowners to customize how much help they need from HomeLister, ensuring that a smooth selling process is achieved. With this new service, home sellers can avoid unnecessary costs such as real estate agent fees and notarization.

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