What Information Your Store’s Name Should Convey to Customers

Your store name may only be a couple of words, but that name plays a key role in how successful your store will be, in how consumers view your store, and how memorable your store will be. A lot of information needs to be conveyed to customers in just a few words. This puts a lot of pressure on you, the business owner, to come up with good store names ideas. Fortunately, you do not have to bug everyone you know to help you come up with name ideas. NAMIFY is an online tool you can use to help you come up with names using a few keywords that you provide to the tool. These keywords should be vital to your business and provide some key information to your customers, as this key information is what should be conveyed to customers through your store name. Here are three pieces of information that your store’s name should convey to your targeted customer.

The Type of Products You Sell

One of the things that your store name should convey to customers is the types of products you sell. When you think of popular store names, you may think of one-word stores, such as Bloomingdales or Target. But these one-word stores started as longer business names that told consumers exactly what type of store they were. Bloomingdales was Bloomingdale Brothers Great East Side Bazaar and Target was Goodfellow Dry Goods. Until your store gains so much recognition that people simply know what your store has to offer in one or two words, it is best to include something that describes the type of products that you sell.

A Little Bit of History About Your Business

Another key piece of information that you should consider when you are selecting a business name is something that is key to your business’s history. For example, Starbucks gained its name based on the mining camp, “Starbo,” which was near Mt. Rainier, one of the most identifiable landmarks in Seattle. Seattle is where the company was born and wanted the roots of the city to be reflected in the name. Consider something that is special and important about your business, and then select a name that helps to reflect something unique and special about the history of your business.

The Values Important to Your Business

The final bit of information that you may want to consider when you are selecting a business name is incorporating values that are important to your business. For example, The Honest Company was chosen based on the value of honesty. Burt’s Bees was named because most of their products were originally made from real beeswax, an important value that was represented in their name. If you have a value that you want your customers to know about, consider incorporating it into your business name.

Before the Internet, coming up with good store names ideas was hard. You had to put a lot of thought and effort into coming up with the perfect name for your store. This often meant breaking out a thesaurus and/or nagging friends and family to help you come up with the perfect name. Fortunately, these days, coming up with the perfect name for your store is much easier thanks to online tools such as NAMIFY. Simply put a few keywords that describe your store into the tool and the tool will come up with creative and unique names that you can use to name your store.


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