What Does SEO Mean?

The latest statistics reveal that every second, Google processes over 99,000 searches. This equals over 8.5 billion searches daily.

When you can attract customers through an organic reach, you can boost sales without ad spending, and that is something to celebrate.

But how does Google know what listings to give when you enter a word or phrase for what you want to search on? To get to the answer, you must first ask another question, “What does SEO mean?”

To understand what SEO is, and what SEO benefits are, keep reading. You will discover a whole new window into digital marketing that will cause new customers to knock on your door (or rather, on your website!).

What Does SEO Mean?

It is an acronym, short for search engine optimization. It means that you are optimizing your website so that your business can boost its rankings in results with search engines, like Google.

It is how your company can increase traffic, and if you have a well-designed website that strategically takes a customer through a journey to act and close a sale, you can increase revenue.

How do search engines like Bing and Google find your website in the first place to rank it? Let’s dive into what web crawlers are.

Web Crawlers

It’s a search engine bot. Web crawlers will journey across the entire Internet to download and index content. They have a goal of discovering what every page is about on the web.

This way, when it is needed, like conducting a search on Bing, a user can retrieve it.

We use the term “web crawlers” because it uses a software program that automatically gets data and accesses a website.

Search engines almost always operate web crawlers.

Search Engine Algorithm

For a search engine to determine a webpage’s relevance, it will use an algorithm. This is a formula or a process in how a search engine will retrieve and order the stored information on websites in a way that is meaningful to its users.

Over the years, search engine algorithms have gone through many changes. Google changes its algorithms quite often, but they do not tell us why. All we know is that this is how search engines can continuously improve their search results quality.

What we know is that regardless of how they change their algorithms, search engines love fresh and consistent content marketing SEO. You should publish new content, often with good keywords so that customers can find you. Check out this free keyword planner tool from SEOJet.

SEO Benefits

Improving your rankings on search engines could make a major impact on your company. If you are still not sure this is the best time and resources right now, these benefits will change your mind.

  • Target quality traffic with specific keywords
  • No need to pay for ads, you get an organic reach
  • SEO attracts more website clicks than PPC will
  • SEO helps PR when you use them together
  • Move ahead of your competitors, ranking above them

The truth is that if you do not have an SEO strategy; you are only losing out on potential business and you risk becoming irrelevant to your marketplace.

Boost Your Organic Reach

The question of “What does SEO mean?” has many answers. There is a technical definition, but there are more than the technicalities of it. SEO is how you can increase your reach and bring in more revenue.

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