Under the Oak Tree Intriguing Romance Novel Review

Among under the oak tree novels that have come to light in the past few years, the one that has had the most attention from fans and critics alike is Kim Soo-ji’s Under the Oak Tree. It is an impressive book, and it has the potential to a classic. Despite some issues with the writing, the plot is compelling. I would recommend the book to anyone interest in reading it.

Kim Soo-Ji’s Under the Oak Tree

Earlier this year, Korean writer Kim Soo-ji’s Under the Oak Tree, a fanfiction about a knight and a duke, start to gain some traction in Korea. Now, more sites are translating the webtoon into English. As the popularity of the novel increases, it may even adapt into an anime series. Its popularity has even spread outside of Korea.

Novel is Written by Kim Soo-Ji

The under the oak tree novel is written by Kim Soo-ji and illustrate by P. As a fanfiction, under the oak tree manga is rich in detail and poetry. Aside from the usual romance and drama, the tale also touches on personal acceptance and reconstruction. The webtoon is a story of overcoming obstacles and learning to love others. In other words, it’s a Korean drama with a lot of action and a romantic element.

Novel’s OST Compose by Cha Eun Woo

The under the oak tree novel OST, or theme song, is compose by Cha Eun Woo. This k-pop idol, who is also a model and actor, has appear in a lot of Korean dramas. It is also worth noting that Cha Eun Woo has stunning visuals, just like the Webtoon character.

under the oak tree

Maximillian Meets Riftan

The story follows a young noblewoman name Maximillian who raise by a brutal father and never give the chance to develop her own self-confidence. In fact, she confines to her room most of her life. She had a terrible stammer, and she told by her father that she worthless. But when she meets Sir Riftan, she realizes that she is a worthy person. She starts to move forward slowly, but there is one thought in her head when she starts a new life with her new husband. It’s a cute little ditty call “Don’t Cry, My Love.”

Lovers Love this Story

The ost is just the beginning. The under the oak tree novel other attractions include a beautiful fantasy world and a colorful, whimsical style. If you’re a fan of romance, fantasy, and love, you’ll want to check out Under the Oak Tree. It’s a beautiful, colorful and poetic story that’s brimming with action and romance. If you’re interests in reading the novel, you can buy it on Amazon’s Kindle or from Ridi’s Manta Comics site. Alternatively, you can check out the site’s dedicate English translation page.

Reimagining Riftan’s Perspective

Among the main characters in Under the Oak Tree are Riftan and Maximilian Croix. Riftan is a nobleman who is fiercely protective of those he loves, especially Maximilian. Riftan’s love for Maximilian is unconditional and border on obsession. Although he forces into marriage with Maximilian when he’s only 25 years old, he returns three years later to marry her. However, he knows that he is not worthy of Maximilian because of his status. And he does not understand why Maximilian cares about his wellbeing.

Beauty of Riftan

Riftan grew up very skinny but able to grow into a muscular man. He has dark black hair and smooth, Tanne skin. Riftan has excellent street smarts. He is very observant and is extremely careful about his decisions. Riftan does not like to idle. Whenever he feels like doing something that is not productive, he will yell at people. He also yells when he feels threatens and escalates his retaliation if necessary. He has a deep inferiority complex. Riftan believes he is not worthy of Maximilian, and he is not able to trust people. He also has a broken psyche, and it is very difficult for him to deal with people. His feelings for Maximilian are deep, and they are sometimes difficult to read.

under the oak tree

Riftan’s Two Marrie

Riftan’s first marriage to a knight of lowly status, and he marriages Maximilian Croix after her first marriage. At the time, Maximilian uncomfortable with Riftan. During their second marriage, Riftan found out that Maximilian had a father, but he had not heard of him. He’s also unaware that Maximilian’s father a duke, which made him a little confuse. He believes that Maximilian does not interest in marrying him, but when he confronts her several times about why she nervous, she confesse that her father murdere.

Riftan Theory of Life

Maximilian is the only woman in Riftan’s life that he can truly himself around. He is gentle with Maximilian, but also very protective of her. In fact, Riftan is so fiercely protective of Maximilian that he tries to make her blush. He is also very protective of his subordinates and puts his safety and the safety of his subordinates above all else. He also knows what he deserves in payment. He is very ruthless. He knows what he is capable of and what he is not. He also has a deep inferiority complex and is very snobbish. He dislikes luxury. He thinks it is an insult to his status. He also dislikes nobility you can read under the oak tree — read online on Manta.

Raftan is a Man of Anger Mood

Riftan is a hot-temper man. He can get angry easily, and his temper is test when someone threatens him. Riftan is also extremely observant and knows what he is capable of. He is ruthless and brutal, but he is very careful and thorough when he makes a decision. He also likes to pamper Maximilian, and he wants her to happy. He also has a very strong temper, but he often goes quiet when he is at his limit.


Whether you’re looking for a fun manga, an interesting story, or a good love story, here are some Under The Oak Tree recommendations.

Story of a Kingdom Princess Lucia

The main story is about Lucia, a sixteenth princess of a kingdom. After the death of her mother, Lucia lives a relatively normal life, except for the fact that she is a princess. It’s not until she gets a strange dream that she learns about the Prophecy and the future. She then finds out that her marriage is not as bad as she thinks it is. It turns out that her husband is a socially awkward guy.

Enjoy a Lighthart Story

Under the Oak Tree is a fun read with plenty of laughs and a mature romance. It has the hallmarks of a manga: romance, humour, and a sense of whimsy. While it’s certainly not perfect, it is a good manga and I’d recommend it to those who enjoy a Lighthart story with a healthy dose of romance.


The first four chapters are under the oak tree — read free on Manta. The rest of the series is a little pricey, but the rest of the story is a fun read and well worth it. As a bonus, there is a very impressive official English translation available.

under the oak tree

Impressive Amount of Art

I also like the fact that under the oak tree manga has an impressive amount of art. The best part is that it has a wholesome romance and is not all about the plot. The story is told in a series of flashbacks, introducing us to the lives of the two main characters as well as those of their family members and friends. The plot is also well pace, and the plot twists keep you on the edge of your seat. The manga also boasts the most obvious female protagonist in the genre, and a few male counterparts that will keep you entertain.

Under the Oak Tree by Kim Soo-Ji

Adapt from a Korean novel, Under the Oak Tree is a light and fluffy romance tale that follows a young noblewoman and her quest to save her kingdom from the evils of the Red Dragon Sektor. In short, she isn’t too happy with the marriage her father orchestrate. It’s an epic journey involving an unlikely couple and a ruthless villain that may or may not a prankster. The story is set in the not-too-distant future, a place where magic happens at every turn.

Many Pitfalls and Triumphs of Marriage

Under The Oak Tree is a romance novel that will make you fall in love with a knight in shining armor. It’s also a good time to take a look at the many pitfalls and triumphs of marriage. Besides the usual suspects, there are plenty of thorny issues to contend with. It’s a wonder why the heroine hasn’t had a baby by now. A little more forethought may in order.

First Four Chapters are Free on Manta

Under the Oak Tree may a tad too heavyweight for a short read, but it is a well-written and entertaining page-turner. Its title, the ol’ slap a ring on it, should give you an idea of what’s in store for you. The novel will reward you with a few laughs and a few eye-opening recollections. It’s a well-written tale about love and family. It is an excellent read for fans of fantasy and romance novels alike. The book is written by Kim Soo-ji and illustrate by P. The novel is currently being publish as a web serial novel. You can read the first four chapters for under the oak tree — read free on Manta. You may want to check out the official English translation, too. After all, what is the point of a novel if you can’t share it?

Under the Oak Tree is Fun and Entertaining Romp Novels

In short, under the oak tree manga is a fun and entertaining romp that will keep you busy for hours. It’s one of the few novels that you won’t regret reading. under the oak tree — read online the best part is that you’ll probably able to relate to Maximilian, the young noblewoman at the center of the story.

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