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Trino Marin and His Victims

In April 2006, Trino Marin was caught and was convicted of rape and sexual assault. Since then, he has served his full sentence. Although his daughters have been begging him to come out of prison, trino marin has yet to do so. However, the public has not given up on him and continues to pray for his release. This story has also inspired many victims to forgive him.


He was accused of rape and sexual assault, and his wife, Jenni, was left with an emotionally scarred body. He also assaulted her sister Rosie and raped her, causing her to terminate the marriage. When her sister learned about the abuse, she contacted the police, and they arrested trino marin .

Trino Marin Age/Marriage

Jose trino marin , who was married to Jenni Rivera in 1984, was sentenced to 31 years in prison for sexual assault in 2007. Despite his acquittal, he is still serving a sentence of 31 years. As of December 9, 2012, he is still in prison serving a 31-year sentence for sexual assault. While his wife was in jail, his career was on the rocks. He worked as a restaurant manager and a philanthropist.

Famous Mexican Singer

Jenni Rivera, the famous Mexican singer, was also a victim of Trino Marin . Her mother, Jenni Rivera, denounced her son’s escape until she died in a fatal airplane crash. As a result, her daughter was raped and abused by her mother, who then filed a lawsuit against him. The suit filed in 2007 claimed that he had physically abused her. Her family met with him in prison and appealed for forgiveness.

Trino Marin Divorced

The couple married in 1984 while she was still a teenager. They later divorced after eight years of marriage. Their daughter was born in 1993. Their children were born in 1985. After the divorce, Jennic had a son with trino marin . The two were later separated. They had two children. The children were adopted by their aunts. But the couple was not married at the time. While they had a child together, Jennic was unmarried at the time.

Parents & Family

After a lengthy trial, Trino Marin was found guilty of sexually abusing Jenni Rivera and subsequently sentenced to 31 years in prison. His wife has three children. She also remarried the same man twice. Both of them are now married. The couple has three daughters, Jenni and Carlos. Their divorce is a sad story. But Trino’s daughter, Chris, and her mother are still trying to forgive their father and their mother.

Work In USA

Despite his conviction for sexual assault, Trino Marin is still free and in prison. His incarceration was the culmination of a long battle for Jenni. Her husband has been in prison for over a decade now. During this time, she has worked as an overseer in a Mexican-American bistro. During the trial, she has been able to prove that she was right to sue her husband.


Trino Marin and Jenni Rivera had two children. The marriage was a happy one for the couple, and they both enjoyed their careers. The couple met at a bar in San Francisco. While they were dating, they were married. Their children were born on October 12, 1982, which is the first year of the marriage. Afterwards, their children were born. During this time, their children had their first child.

Physical Assault Allegations

The trino marin two married in 1984. The relationship became acrimonious after the birth of their son Michael. He warned his wife to refrain from singing for fear of provoking him, but Jenni refused. They started fighting and eventually split. Eventually, the two divorced and he was sentenced to over thirty-one years in prison. The lawsuit, filed in 2007, seems to back up the physical assault allegations made by Trino Marin .

Separation with Wife

Jenni was 15 years old when she married trino marin and they had three children. Their first daughter was born in 1984, and they later had a second daughter, Chiquis. The couple has been divorced for more than 20 years, and Jenni has four children with Trino. While they had two kids, they separated in 1992. After the separation, she filed for divorce due to abuse from her husband.

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