Synerion Cloud Workforce Management System

The Synerion Cloud Workforce Management System is an award-winning, cloud workforce management system with over 30 years of experience. With over five million customers and 7,000 installations worldwide, Synerion offers time and labour, advanced scheduling, absence management, labour allocation, timesheets, and coreHR. Read on for a closer look. This cloud workforce management system will help you keep track of your workforce in one place, so you can better manage your business.

Management Software

The Synerion absence management software helps streamline the employee time off process by tracking employee time off and recommending the best staff member to cover the void. It also helps prevent understaffing by predicting employee absences and providing real-time alerts, which will prevent missed vacation requests and overpaid employees. In addition, Synerion’s employee time-off management system provides real-time reports that make it easy for managers and supervisors to monitor employee time-off usage.

For a more detailed understanding of how Synerion works, you should check the privacy policies of your company. As a rule of thumb, companies should limit the amount of time their employees spend online with the Synerion Platform. These guidelines are intended to prevent unauthorized access. In addition to security, companies should ensure that their employees log out of Synerion when they are not using the system. The information Synerion collects and processes is stored on the Customer’s premises and on the Microsoft Azure cloud in the U.S. These companies take extreme measures to protect customer information.

Online Marketing

A comprehensive online marketing strategy is critical in promoting a new product in an international market. Synerion’s marketing strategy for its Canadian market had been very effective, encompassing SEO, social media channels, and Google Ad campaigns. For its international expansion, however, the company needed to change its strategy. Inbound marketing was its primary focus, so it was important to ensure that the information Synerion served to a new audience was relevant to the local market.

Automating time and attendance capture and record keeping is a critical task for any organization. Keeping track of every employee’s attendance and the impact it has on company performance is important. Synerion Time and Attendance management solution gives you accurate, detailed data, facilitating the smooth functioning of your business. Automated tracking of daily, sick, and unexplained absences makes the processes of tracking employee time and attendance easier and more accurate.

Powerful Workforce Management Solutions


Synerion provides powerful workforce management solutions for companies of all sizes. Their highly experienced team will work with you to choose the right workforce management system for your company. With an award-winning cloud workforce management solution, Synerion can help your business make better decisions, reduce costs, and increase productivity. This cloud-based software has been used by many large corporations, but it’s still a powerful tool for small businesses. Synerion is an award-winning, global workforce management solution.

Designed to automate major workforce management tasks, Synerion’s Workforce Management suite offers time and attendance, staff scheduling, and labor costing. It can be deployed on-premises or on the cloud, and includes a web-based portal and physical access control terminals for employees. Synerion’s Workforce Management software can integrate with over 100 other systems to streamline the processes of your organization. There are no limits to what Synerion can do for your business.

Synerion Review

Synerion had a robust online marketing strategy in Canada, including SEO, blogging, social media channels and Google Ads campaigns. To expand to international markets, Synerion needed to adapt their marketing strategy. Their Canadian strategy had been largely focused on inbound marketing, but in order to reach new audiences in other regions, they needed to ensure that the information they were serving was relevant and localized. This was where the help of a digital marketing agency came in.

The company, which is based in Mississauga, Canada, provides time and attendance software, biometrics, workforce management, absence planning, and data collection. Today, Synerion has more than 7,000 installations worldwide and manages the time and attendance of five million employees. Its offices are open Monday through Friday, and it closes on Saturday. You can also follow Synerion on Twitter. Despite its relatively small size, Synerion has managed to grow into one of Canada’s leading workforce management companies.

Include Time & Attendance

Synerion’s workforce management solutions include time & attendance, scheduling, labor costing, biometrics, and time-sheets. The solutions can be implemented on-premise or in the cloud, and are compatible with various operating systems and devices. The software allows employees to clock in and out using their mobile devices. Users can easily track organizational performance and graph trends. They can even get real-time alerts. And, of course, all of these features are completely customizable.

Because of this, it is imperative to understand how the workforce affects the company’s bottom line. The Synerion time and attendance management solution can help you gain this valuable insight. By automating key business processes, such as timesheets and payroll, Synerion will help you run your business smoothly. It can keep track of current and historical work hours, overtime, vacation allowance, and any other type of attendance. It can help you manage your workforce effectively and reduce non-billable hours.

Attracting New Talent

When it comes to attracting new talent, government employees need to be able to adapt to changing work patterns. That means that they need to show the private sector that they are flexible in terms of work patterns, mobility, and promotions. Synerion solutions give managers the tools to monitor human resource gaps and adjust their hiring practices to meet these demands. Its customizable pricing plan makes it suitable for both small and large businesses, and it caters to the needs of every size business.

When it comes to scheduling, employee management is complicated and time-consuming. Improper scheduling can have a significant impact on the business’ profitability, employee morale, and customer satisfaction. Additionally, it can lead to understaffing and overstaffing, unnecessary overtime payments, and compliance with labor laws. Using Synerion’s flexible shift scheduling software can automate this process and keep everyone happy. With these features, you’ll be able to better manage your employees, save time and reduce expenses.

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