Nezuko and Zenitsu Great 8m- A Great 8m Fighter Popular Ship

In the Demon Slayer fandom, there is a popular het ship between Nezuko and Zenitsu great 8m. They seem to share a close bond as they protect each other from being demonized by Inosuke and he runs after her when she comes out of her box on Natagumo Mountain in nezuko and zenitsu great 8m. This is a very cute anime that focuses on the friendship of these two characters. Nezuko and Zenitsu Great 8m is also a very interesting series with lots of twists and turns.

Nezuko and Zenitsu Great 8m Tanjiro

Tanjiro is a talented and fast-growing Demon Slayer with incredible swordsmanship. He started out with the same skill level as Sabito, one of Sakonji Urokodaki’s strongest students, and managed to surpass him in less than half a year’s time in nezuko and zenitsu great 8m.

Excellent Swordsman

He is an excellent swordsman, and was even able to avenge the death of his father by defeating the Hand Demon. He is also a master of Water Breathing and the Hinokami Kagura, a combination that allows him to move faster than when he used either alone, though this requires a lot of effort in Nezuko and Zenitsu great 8m.

Physical Strength Is Impressive

His physical strength is impressive, and he can easily knock out Lower Rank demons with just one blow. However, he can also be extremely difficult to kill, especially when he uses the Demon King’s power. This is a result of his innately strong skull, which the Temple Demon compares to a rock in Nezuko and Zenitsu Great 8m.

Another Factor

The ability to withstand intense impact is another factor in his greatness as a fighter, and he can headbutt his opponents with enough force that they are unable to fend off his attack. In addition, he can do this twice in a row without being stunned, which the Temple Demon considers an amazing feat.

Weaker and Less Experienced Fighters

It is also important to note that Tanjiro’s natural inclination to protect the weaker and less experienced fighters has greatly helped him become the stern and responsible Demon Slayer that he is today. This trait is largely thanks to his sister, Nezuko, who taught him to be sensitive to the emotions of other people, including demons, and empathize with them.Nezuko and Zenitsu Great 8m

Natural Physical Strength

Aside from his natural physical strength, Tanjiro is highly adaptable to any situation and has a strong sense of willpower. He displayed this in his fights against Rui, where he was willing to sacrifice his life to save his sister. He was also able to fight and behead Lower Rank One, Enmu, on his own.

Observant and Detailed Fighter

He is also a very observant and detailed fighter, being able to deduce the details of his opponent’s abilities from their subtle gestures and movements. This is demonstrated by his ability to recognize the rumored thirteenth form of Sun Breathing after learning about it from Yushiro.


Zenitsu Agatsuma is a great 8m fighter, but he has a lot of flaws. He is a coward with low self-esteem. He doesn’t think he can live long enough to fight demons, and always has a pessimistic attitude about the job. He also has a crush on Nezuko Kamado, Tanjiro’s younger sister.

Deep Affection for Her

He has a deep affection for her, but she doesn’t reciprocate it. He always tries to hit or flirt with her, but she doesn’t seem interested in him. In the manga, he asks her out on a date, but she turns him down with disgust.

Demon Slayer Corps

When he first came to the Demon Slayer Corps, he took on a debt for a girl that he was smitten with. Unfortunately, she ran away and he was stuck with the debt. However, he was rescued by Jigoro Kuwajima, a former Thunder Hashira and his teacher.

Training under Jigoro

Once he started training under Jigoro, he became much better at Thunder Breathing, and eventually surpassed his former senpai Kaigaku. He even took on the nickname “Gramps” because of his relationship with Jigoro.

Control His Fear and Anxiety

As he learned to control his fear and anxiety, he started becoming more and more confident, not needing to rely on his Thunder Breathing as often. As he continued to improve his abilities, he developed an incredible amount of speed that allowed him to dodge attacks from even the Upper Moons in nezuko and zenitsu great 8m.

Human and A Moving Demon

Another aspect of his fighting ability is his enhanced hearing, allowing him to detect the sound of a moving human and a moving demon. This gives him extra awareness to avoid danger, and can make him more powerful as he develops his fighting skills in nezuko and zenitsu great 8m.

Thunder Clap and Flash Techniques

He can also use the Thunder Clap and Flash Techniques as a weapon, combining them with his God Speed to become incredibly fast. As he continues to train, this skill becomes more and more valuable and allows him to defeat higher rank demons in nezuko and zenitsu great 8m.

He is also able to use his hearing to sense when a demon is about to attack, and can quickly counter them by using the Thunder Breathing. This is particularly useful when he’s on the train with Nezuko and fighting against a lower ranked demon that has merged with the train. The way he uses this technique to save her in the Mugen Train incident is absolutely amazing and shows how far Zenitsu has come. He may never be as good a fighter as his brother Tanjiro, but he certainly has a lot to offer in nezuko and zenitsu great 8m.


Unlike Tanjiro, who is always suspicious of Nezuko, Yushiro has no qualms about his feelings towards her. He sees her as a beautiful woman with a heart of gold, something that he does not believe to be true for any Demon, and this makes her seem more appealing to him in nezuko and zenitsu great 8m.

Initial Skepticism and Fear

Despite his initial skepticism and fear, Yushiro soon finds himself falling in love with her. He shows little signs of ill intent or harm towards her and her brother Tanjiro, but rather he sees her as a sister and treats her with care in nezuko and zenitsu great 8m.Nezuko and Zenitsu Great 8m

Hatred for Muzan Kibutsuji

Nezuko possesses a strong hatred for Muzan Kibutsuji, the leader of the Demon Slayer Corps, as she was unable to kill him due to her weakened state. When she regained her memory back, she was determined to take revenge on him and fought with a vengeance against Muzan during the battles of Tanjiro Kamado vs. Swamp Demon and Tanjiro Kamado & Nezuko Kamado vs. Daki, even though she was only able to do so for the short time she possessed marechi, a special type of blood that gave her the strength equivalent to eating a hundred humans in nezuko and zenitsu great 8m.

Bond with Sakonji

She also has a bond with Sakonji, who takes her in as a disciple and allows her to rest at his house when she is recuperating from the battle against Muzan Kibutsuji. In addition, she is entrusted to him and promises that should she ever succumb to her Demon instincts and murder someone, he would commit suicide for her, demonstrating his great faith and caring in her wellbeing in nezuko and zenitsu great 8m.

Regains Her Human Form

When she regains her human form, Nezuko remembers her time as a Demon and gifting Zenitsu flowers, hinting that she does like him. However, she is still nervous about her relationship with him.

Zenitsu Isn’t a Flawless Person Either

Then again, Zenitsu isn’t a flawless person either. He can be pushy and he does have a few faults, but his behavior does not indicate that he is unhealthy or that he is unable to have a healthy relationship with her in nezuko and zenitsu great 8m.

Manga Volumes

Compared to other manga volumes, this volume does not include a lot of extra content, but it did include a few additional pages. These extra pages and comments from the author Koyoharu Gotouge expanded on the ending that was included in the manga’s prepublished magazine version. The “new” ending caused a stir on social media and YouTubers started making videos about it in nezuko and zenitsu great 8m.


Although it is impossible to know for sure if the two demons really did marry each other, there is no doubt that they are both very fond of each other. They often tease each other with their wits, and are the first to admit that they have been downright naughty. Despite this, their love is no doubt genuine and there is no denying that Nezuko and Zenitsu Great 8m are one of the most likable characters in the show. While they have not seen eye to eye since the start of this franchise, they are still best friends and have a lot of fun together.

During The Series

During the series, they were both in a class of their own, and they also had some of the coolest acrobatic moves in this genre of fighting. The most impressive of these acrobatics was probably the one involving Nezuko and Zenitsu Great 8m, which involved them taking on several larger than life opponents in one go. While the sequence is a bit of a blur in the show, nezuko and zenitsu great 8m is a memory that they will never forget.



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