Navigating the Changing Landscape of Digital Marketing for Tech Companies

Like the tech industry itself, digital marketing is everchanging. If there is any time (or place) to be relevant it’s the tech industry.

How do you keep up with the pace of tech marketing?

Watching digital marketing trends is the first step. You can do this by following popular tech bloggers, company growth, and magazines.

Next, you’ll need a plan of action.

Let’s start marketing for tech companies!

Pricing Models as Marketing

Technology consumers can be divided into many market segments. You’ll need to identify the most promising audiences first. Start by conducting thorough market research.

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Consider the pricing of your tech product or service. This price will identify the right income bracket for your marketing campaign. You can also develop a product around a particular price point.

For example, suppose you’re a SaaS company trying to appeal to the small business segment. Your product is focused on project management.

Rather than charging customers hundreds of dollars upfront, you could charge them $20 to $50 per month to use your product. This pricing strategy is called a subscription model. This model appeals to startups and entrepreneurs.

Gamification Design

One of the goals of marketing is to get leads from point A to point B quickly. One of the best ways to do this is to integrate gamification into your app or website.

Gamification prompts visitors to take action, ushering them to the next step without clicking a button.

One of the best examples of gamification is the sign-up process. This marketing strategy is perfect for product landing pages. Quickly, you can sign visitors up for email lists, free trials, and monthly products.

Motion Design Marketing For Tech Companies

Moving objects capture visitors’ attention. Thus, videos and animations have historically been effective in marketing. You can make this strategy even more relevant with motion design.

Remember, convenience is key. Don’t make visitors click on anything if they don’t have to. You can use motion design to explain products, direct visitors, highlight specs, and more.

Motion designs play automatically and adapt to a range of website themes, from minimalist to magazine layouts.

Reach Out to Tech Influencers

Remember the earlier point about following tech bloggers?

Once you’ve established your brand, start reaching out to the very tech influencers you follow!

Tech influencers demo products to their followers, showing your product in action. This part is so important for tech products. You should also include a “request a demo” button on your website or app, as well.

Influencers can also increase product sales by offering exclusive discounts to their followers.

This strategy also echoes the importance of exhibiting at tradeshows. Tech products must be demoed to attract retail buyers, SaaS accounts, and other target demographics. You can also give out free samples or branded merchandise at these events.

Craft a Cutting Edge Digital Marketing Strategy

Marketing for tech companies is a creative journey. Stay relevant by exploring the latest trends in your industry. Consider pricing models, gamification, motion design, and influencer marketing.

The blog is also filled with more ideas to grow your tech startup. Visit now to learn more!

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