MyMoneyMantra is Online Financial Services Marketplace in India

MyMoneyMantra is an online marketplace for financial services in India. The company acts as a direct sales agent, connecting prospective borrowers to lenders. The site provides full profile access, a real-time platform, and access to lender profiles. Users can apply for a personal loan, credit card, mortgage, or insurance product. It is easy to navigate, and many borrowers find their perfect match. You can get your application process started on MyMoneyMantra today by following these steps.

MyMoneyMantra is an online financial services marketplace in India



MyMoneyMantra is an online finance services marketplace in India that has helped more than 50 lakh customers apply for loans in real-time. Its business model includes a network of more than 100 RBI-recognized banks and two thousand compassionate financial professionals. Through this platform, customers can apply for a loan, obtain information about repayment options, and make payments on their loans.

MyMoneyMantra, which launched in 2009, is an online marketplace for credit cards and loans. The startup is based in New Delhi and has raised $15 million in its maiden funding round. In March, it generated revenue of $19.6 million. The company now works with over 90 lenders and serves over 4 million customers across 50 cities. The company is backed by a Swiss-based private equity firm, Vaalon Capital.

MyMoneyMantra is an online marketplace for loans and other financial products. The company acts as a direct sales agent for lenders, connecting them with prospective borrowers. The site offers a real-time platform and a complete profile for prospective borrowers. The company hopes to attract more customers and remain a leader in its field. This model will be successful if it enables consumers to easily find a loan.

The founder of MyMoneyMantra, Raj Khosla, claims to serve millions of customers in India. It claims to be the largest physical-digital marketplace in India. In fact, it has originated more than $4 billion in credit and has more than 3,000 employees across 60 cities in India. Its mission is to provide financial services to every Indian. It has grown from a small startup to a multibillion dollar company.

It offers loans, mortgages & credit cards

My Money Mantra is a retail financial services marketplace in India that claims to serve millions of customers. Its website lets customers compare products from over 100 Financial Institutions, allowing them to make the best decision for their needs. The company’s mission is to “de-mystify personal finance” by providing a one-stop shop for all of your financial needs. Founded in 1989, the company now has 3,000 employees and 120 offices spread across 60 cities in India.

It offers insurance



My Money Mantra is a financial service provider. Apart from providing savings products, the company provides insurance services. Customers can also avail life and four-wheeler insurance through lic in Delhi. The company’s focus is on expanding its product offerings to meet the needs of the customers. The company also offers insurance products to its employees. It believes that customer pride is just as important as the products and services it offers. Hence, they are constantly working towards this goal.

The company operates an online financial services marketplace in India. As a direct sales agent, it connects prospective borrowers with lenders. They provide a real-time platform and full profiles. The website offers insurance products to individuals and businesses. The website also helps consumers find the right financial product for them. Listed in the top 3 of financial services marketplaces in India, MyMoneyMantra has an excellent reputation for customer service.

The company was founded in 1992 by an entrepreneur who was already working in retail banking. At the time, retail banking was not yet a well-established industry in India. Khosla decided not to invest much of his resources in new business initiatives. However, after the country’s economy began to open up, retail banking took off. The company registered MyMoneyMantra and today has over 90 lenders and over 2,500 employees. Its services span fifty cities in India.

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