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In addition to their impressive client list, Julia Valler has a reputation for being a great company to work for. They make sure that their employees receive the best possible treatment from their clients, are on time and accurate with their payments. They are also flexible and strive to pair employees with jobs that fit their personality and skill set. If you are interested in learning more about Julia Valler, you can download their free credit report by visiting their website.

Julia Valler Staffing is a premier event staffing agency. Their impressive client list, combined with the top-rated service quality and attention to detail, have led to their continued growth. Founded in 2013, Julia Valler serves as President and Chief Creative Officer of this award-winning company. The company has been growing steadily and plans to expand to Miami, FL, by 2021. The company is a leading event staffing firm in NYC and has worked for several Fortune 500 companies and has become one of the industry’s top staffing firms.

Julia Valler Staffing & Events Is Looking For a Sales Manager

 Whether you are looking for a job in the fashion industry, or simply want to make a little extra cash, Julia Valler has the perfect fit. The company’s professional staff is devoted to the safety and wellbeing of its employees, as well as the way they treat their clients. They are punctual and accurate, and understand that each employee is an individual with unique preferences. They strive to match each individual with a job that a perfect fit for them.

Julia Valler Staffing & Events is a Staffing business located at 2875 NE 191st St, Suite 500, in Aventura, FL. The company also has a New York City headquarters. If you interested in hiring a person, contact the company to learn more about their credentials. This will give you a better understanding of their business history and help you make an informed decision about the right fit for your event.

Julia Valler is currently hiring for a Sales Manager to help with its growing business. The sales position is highly commission-based, and the company pays its employees hourly. They pay through PayPal every Friday. If you are looking for an exciting and lucrative job opportunity, you can find it here. The company is growing rapidly and offers an opportunity for a Sales Manager to help them reach their goal of growing into a successful business.

Julia Valler Event Staffing

 When looking for a career as a wardrobe stylist, a job with Julia Valler may be an excellent choice. The staff of the company is highly organized and responsible, which translates to a positive client experience. Their clients include brands like Chanel, Rolex, Alexander Wang, and the Museum of Modern Art. Julia’s near-term plans include opening offices in Miami and Los Angeles. Read on to learn more about this company and the positions they offer.

The company’s headquarters is located in New York, NY. Julia Valler Staffing & Events has 2 locations. Its offices are located at 2875 NE 191st St, Suite 500 in Aventura, FL. The business’s credit score is available for download at no charge, and the report contains information such as the credit limit recommendation, payment trends, court judgements, and ownership structure. A credit report for Julia Valler Staffing & Events includes up to 5 years of financial statements. The company has 2 employees.

Founded in 2013, Julia Valler Event Staffing specializes in corporate and private events. The company has two locations in New York and Miami and is growing quickly. Julia Valler is looking for a Sales Manager to join its growing team. The sales role is heavily commission-based, but also offers an hourly base pay, and weekly payouts through PayPal. Interested candidates should send a resume and cover letter. If you meet the criteria, you may qualify for a sales position with Julia Valler.

Julia Valler Event Staffing

julia valler

 If you’re looking for an event staffing company, Julia Valler is an excellent option. Julia’s staff puts their clients’ needs first, while still being flexible and punctual. Their clients include the Met Gala, The Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic, Alexander Wang, and more. Julia’s near-term plans include opening offices in Los Angeles and Miami. If you’d like to learn more about Julia Valler, read on!

Julia Valler’s experience in event planning and catering has equipped her with the skills necessary to successfully run her own event staffing company. She has a passion for the details, and this drive has paid off as she has expanded Julia Valler Event Staffing to other markets. In 2018, Julia Valler will expand her company’s operations to Miami, FL. Julia Valler is the president and chief creative officer of Julia Valler Event Staffing.

Julia Valler Event Staffing is an event staffing company that specializes in corporate and private events. This company was founded in 2013, and is rapidly growing. Their team needs Sales Managers to help them meet the demands of their clients. While their compensation is heavily based on commission, sales associates will still receive hourly base pay and weekly payments through PayPal. Whether you’re looking for a new position or an expansion of an existing career, you’re sure to be happy with the company’s culture and work environment.

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