How Tall is Bruno Encanto? A Superhyped Side-Character

Having a tall figure is not always a good thing and must find how tall is bruno encanto, especially when you want to become a celebrity. There are so many different heights that can come from a variety of places. Whether you are a model, actor, or dancer, the best way to find out how tall you are is to find out how tall the people in your industry are how tall is bruno in encanto. This will give you a general idea of what your ideal height would be encanto bruno height. You might also consider taking a class to learn how to dress in a more appealing way.

How Tall is Bruno Encanto and Mirabel Madrigal

‘Encanto’, Disney’s upcoming animated feature film, revolves around the magical Madrigal family in Columbia’s mountains. It tells the story of a young girl who helps save a miracle from dying. In the end, she learns to accept her true self.

Youngest Child of Julieta and Agustin

The story of Encanto follows the teen Mirabel and how tall is bruno encanto, who is the youngest child of Julieta and Agustin. At age 10, she is accidentally excluded from the family picture and how tall is bruno in encanto, and feels like an outsider. But as she discovers that her family is losing its magical powers, she learns to mend relationships with her relatives. She also helps bring back her uncle Bruno and encanto bruno height, who has been estranged from her for five years.

how tall is bruno encanto

Main Character

Encanto’s cast of characters includes the main character, Mirabel, and her cousins, Luisa and Dolores. Their ages vary significantly from those of the rest of the movie’s characters, but most of them are within the range of the average teenager. How tall is bruno encanto?

Character Height Birthday Age
Julieta Madrigal 5’5″ 17th October 50
Isabela Madrigal 5’3″ 7th August 21
Agustín Madrigal 5’10” 19th June 48
Dolores Madrigal 5’5″  31st August 21
Mirabel Madrigal 5’2″  6th March 15
Alma Madrigal 5’5″ N/a 75
Bruno Madrigal 5’4″ 17th October 50
Pepa Madrigal 5’7″ 17th October 50
Luisa Madrigal 6’5″  14th November 19
Félix Madrigal 5’5″ 11th November 52
Camilo Madrigal 5’4″  28th December 15
Mariano Guzmán 5’8″ N/a 22
Antonio Madrigal 3’10” 21st May 5
Señora Guzmán 5’5″ N/a 75
Pedro Madrigal 5’8″ N/a 26
Osvaldo 5’10” N/a 40’s
Alejandra 3’9″ N/a 6
Juancho 3’8.5″ N/a 6
Cecilia 3’8″ N/a 6


The movie’s story takes place in Columbia’s magical version of the town of Encanto. The cast of characters includes several veteran actors such as Maluma and Wilmer Valderrama. In addition, there are also some newer actors such as Adassa, who made her acting debut in this movie. Adassa has collaborated with Pitbull, Daddy Yankee, and Don Omar.


The story also features several other family members, including Alma Madrigal, the family matriarch, and her three children, Pepa, Julieta, and Augustine. The oldest of the children, Dolores, is Mirabel’s older cousin. In a later scene, Dolores shows everyone her true feelings for Mariano, who she has always had a crush on.

While the other three Madrigal siblings possess a unique magical gift, Mirabel is the only one who does not. Her empathetic powers enable her to help restore the magic when Casita is threatened.

Camilo Madrigal and his Biography

Known as the Theater Kid, Camilo Madrigal is a Colombian adolescent encanto bruno height. He is a 15-year-old boy who has the ability to shapeshift.How tall is bruno encanto?  He is 5 feet 4 inches tall. His hair is dark auburn curly. He has light freckles around his nose and cheeks. He wears light green round-framed glasses.He has dark brown eyes. He is dressed in a yellow and light orange striped shirt. He also has a red scarf. He has several animals stitched on his vest. His skin tone is a light golden brown. He has a slim physique. He weighs 141 pounds.

He is a natural addition to the family. His wife is fun-loving and caring. His family has a magical legacy. He is a balancing force for Pepa. He has three children with her. His birthday is the same as his sisters. His height is also the same as Bruno’s.

how tall is bruno encanto

Alma Madrigal and her Biography

Whether or not you’re familiar with Encanto, you know that the Madrigal family is very magical. This is because everyone in the house has been blessed with a magical gift. And Alma is in charge of keeping it all in check and how tall is bruno from encanto. This means that she’s in charge of protecting the candle that blessed the family with magic.

The story begins with Pedro “Abuelo” Madrigal, who was the patriarch of the Madrigal family and how tall is bruno encanto in feet. His death at the hands of soldiers during the war left Alma to raise his three children. The three children are Pepa, Julieta, and Bruno.

Village Called Encanto

The Madrigals live in a village called Encanto and encanto how tall is bruno. The name of the town came from a song that was popular when the movie was released. This song warns the younger generation about Bruno’s past actions and how tall is bruno encanto?

How Tall is Bruno Encanto

The youngest Madrigal in the family, how tall is bruno encanto , He is 5’4” (162.6 cm) and shares the same birthday as his sisters. However, he is shunned by the community because of pessimistic predictions encanto how tall is bruno. His siblings are also very different in height.

how tall is bruno encanto

Julieta Madrigal

His sister, how tall is bruno encanto, She is 5’5” (165 cm) and has a slightly chubbier build than her brother. Julieta has a strong sense of empathy and community and bruno encanto height. She heals Agustin’s bee stings and helps Mirabel heal her hand.


Whether you’re a fan of Disney’s upcoming animated film Encanto or not, you have probably heard of Luisa. This 19-year-old girl plays a vital role in the story and bruno encanto height.

A member of the Madrigal family, Luisa has a mysterious and deceptive strength. The story follows her as she tries to repair the family’s magical gift. As a result, she is often tasked with the physical and emotional burdens of the community. Luisa wears a long indigo skirt with dark purple and pink stripes. Her shoes have dark blue ankle straps. The skirt is topped off with a white shirt with a crimson ribbon encanto how tall is bruno. She also wears a pair of yellow and denim felt bracelets.

Height of Luisa

Although it isn’t officially known, many fans have speculated about the exact height of Luisa. According to rumors how tall is bruno from encanto, she is around five feet four inches tall. She has brown eyes. Her hair is tied in a bun. Her dress is decorated with symbols and a flower.

First Step is to Find Bruno

As the story progresses, Mirabel comes to realize that her mother hasn’t been the only one to lose their magic. She decides to restore it on her own how tall is bruno encanto in feet. The first step is to find Bruno. But, she discovers that he’s been gone for a while.

Pepa Madrigal

The third member of the Madrigal family is Pepa. She also has a deep grudge against Bruno and bruno encanto height. She believes that he ruined her wedding day.

Dolores Madrigal

Amongst the Encanto family, Dolores is the oldest of the three daughters. She is quiet and mature. She has brown eyes and curly brown hair. She wears a white shirt with a golden trim. She also wears a large red bow on her hair. She also has enhanced hearing. She is able to hear everything that happens around her. She is also quiet and does not express her feelings often how tall is bruno encanto in feet. She often hides and how tall is bruno encanto, her opinions and emotions from other members of the family. She also has trouble keeping secrets.

Dolores has never had a negative opinion of Bruno and how tall is bruno in encanto. She is a bit shy, but she can express her feelings for him. She feels a bit scared when she finds out that Bruno is still alive. She is afraid that he will be out of reach. She is overjoyed when he reciprocates her feelings.

how tall is bruno encanto


When the Casita was destroyed, Dolores took care of her Abuela. She also tried to use her enhanced hearing to hear what was happening in the village. She knew that the family would not listen to her. She was terrified that they would be doomed. She had to keep herself calm.

When Dolores found out about Bruno’s vision and how tall is bruno from encanto , she panicked. She was afraid that the man she had been swooning over would be out of reach. She did not tell anyone about her love. She did not want to spoil the moment for the other family members.

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