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Get Revela is a cruelty-free beauty company that donates part of its profits to Ukraine. The company’s ProCelinyl is considered a fountain of youth. This company is one of the most trusted names in the beauty industry, and has been a leader in the industry since its founding in 2008. If you’re interested in purchasing Revela products but don’t know where to start, this article will answer your questions.

Revela donates profits to Ukraine

As the Russian army continues to wage war on the innocent citizens of Ukraine, we can help by donating to humanitarian organizations. The UNHCR has stepped up operations in Ukraine and neighboring countries to support those in need. You can help provide life-saving shelter for people forced from their homes. CARE is currently serving 4 million people in need in the country, focusing on women, children, and the elderly. CARE is also working to help displaced families in Poland, and Project HOPE is distributing essential medicines to those in need.

A new brand, Sachéu Beauty, has emerged. The company’s products are clean and natural, and its corporate social responsibility is evident in its transparency about which charities it supports. It recently relaunched its popular SLICK SKIN serum in futuristic chrome packaging. A portion of its profits is donated to the Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights, which supports women in Ukraine.

Another organization based in the United States, Nova Ukraine, provides essential supplies to Ukrainian refugees. This organization collects blankets, baby food, and medical supplies, and has partnered with organizations in Ukraine to help the people of Ukraine recover from the crisis. Similarly, the World Central Kitchen, founded by Jose Andres after the 2010 Haiti earthquake, provides meals to people in need around the world. Currently, the nonprofit is feeding Ukrainian refugees along the Polish border.

A recent study by charity organization Charity Navigator showed that over 80% of all nonprofits in Ukraine and the surrounding countries were working to help the Ukrainian people. The organization’s mission is to provide immediate humanitarian assistance to those in need. The nonprofits GetRevela has partnered with have rated highly by Charity Navigator. It is not possible to list all of the organizations in Ukraine, but if you are a fan of the company, consider contributing to their efforts.

Revela Hair Revival Serum is cruelty-free



The Revela Hair Revival Serum harnesses new targeted ingredients to promote healthy hair follicles, reducing thinning hair. The formula is completely free of parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, and hormones. The product is also cruelty-free. The brand has a commitment to the humane treatment of animals, and this is reflected in their ingredients.

The vegan formula of Revela Hair Revival Serum contains caffeine and clover seed extract, two plant-based phyto-actives. These compounds are known to increase hair density and reduce signs of shedding. Users claim that they notice fuller hair within 90 or 120 days. The product has a 4.4-star rating on Amazon, but many of the one-star reviews state that the product did not work. It may be worth reading the reviews before making a purchase.

When it comes to ingredients, the majority of beauty products use the same ingredients. They simply formulated differently. Less than 33,000 naturally-occurring ingredients are used in OTC beauty products. Unfortunately, the efficacy and side effects of many of these ingredients limited. On the other hand, there are over three billion chemical molecules available that are completely safe for human consumption. As a company, Revela believes that new ingredients are yet to be discovered and are committed to non-animal testing.

Revela’s ProCelinyl is a fountain of youth

Revela’s scientists created the company after becoming frustrated with hair loss treatments available. Their team includes Harvard scientist David Zhang, MIT data scientist Avi Boppana, beauty expert Evelyn Chen, and formulation and scientific communications experts Gloria Lu. The team used AI to search through millions of compounds and discovered the ingredient ProCelinyl. They claim that after six weeks, users saw a 97% improvement in hair appearance.

Revela’s ProCelnyl is a breakthrough formula that targets hair loss at the source, allowing it to grow thicker, longer hair. The product is also completely safe and has been on the market for more than two years. It is one of the 7 beauty brands to watch in 2022. While many of the new ingredients may sound a little scary at first, they’re actually quite effective.

Revela offers a 31% off discount

The website offers three ways to save on your Revela hair restoration order. Sign up for the company’s email list to receive alerts about special sales and promotions. If you’d like to learn more about the company’s revolutionary products, visit the website. You’ll find a catalog of products for men and women, including a deep action serum.

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